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We support promotion through strategic investment and the creation and execution of ever evolving programs and initiatives.



Since 2017, the Commission has sought to harness the substantial purchasing power of public schools nationwide by initiating a targeted school foodservice awareness building program for Maine wild blueberries, and putting wild blueberries on the plates of American school children across the country. Specifically, we have worked to establish a wild blueberry sales channel that equals 3-5% (2.9-4.9 million pounds) of Maine's total production. By every measure, this program has been extremely successful.


Taking place the second weekend in August and the subject of a formal proclamation by Governor Janet Mills, Wild Blueberry Weekend is a statewide agritourism event first launched in 2021. It provides the public with WILD on-farm experiences, participating  farms with opportunities for sales and new customers, and consumers with a long-term connection to Maine wild blueberries. Through earned media and social promotions, this event exposed more than 100 million US consumers to the Maine wild blueberry story in 2022. 

The 3rd Annual Wild Blueberry Weekend will take place on August 5th and 6th, 2023.

Are you a Maine wild blueberry farmer or partner establishment interested in participating in 2023 Wild Blueberry Weekend? Contact us today!

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The Commission annually invests in the Wild Blueberry Association of North America - US (WBANA-US) in support of their work to educate consumers about the advantages of eating wild, develop new markets for wild blueberries overseas, and increase our understanding of the positive role of wild blueberries for human health.

WBANA-US is a trade association of growers and processors of wild blueberries whose mission is to educate consumers and the trade about the indigenous lowbush wild blueberry and its wild advantages, increase demand, and to help tell the wild blueberry health story.

To learn more about the promotional work of WBANA-US, follow the link below to visit their website.

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